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Dear Patients
The time has come for us to announce our retirement. I have been practicing dentistry for 44 years. Many of you have been there from the start, part of that time and some even longer with my Dad.

Joann, Mindy, Lisa and I have enjoyed being able to take care of your dental health for many of those years. Like all things the time has come for us to stop, spend time with our families and do some traveling. All things that we can not do when we have responsibility for your care.

I am merging my office with Dr Todd Kandl who is located at 79 S Courtland Street East Stroudsburg. Dr Kandl is a 2000 graduate of Temple University and has been practicing for over 20 years. I think you will be pleased when you meet him. I am confident he and his staff will provide you with outstanding care. We want to start giving you the opportunity to make other arrangements if you wish to do so for your dental care.

As of now, we will continue to see patients until October 1, 2024, here in our office. We will stop scheduling six month appointments on April 1 in our office, future appointments will be made with Dr Kandl or the dentist of your choosing. Unscheduled patients will be able to make their recall appointments with a dentist of their choosing.

I think you will all find the new office very similar to ours and the philosophy of the Dr. Kandl very much like mine. Almost all of the dental work that has been started in our office will be completed by me before we are finished. Any extensive treatment that will take longer than six months from this point on will be deferred or referred to the new doctor or a new doctor of your choice. Copies of your records will be maintained at Dr. Kandl's office. Records will be available for transfer to any office that you request.

I will keep you posted by email, mail and notices in the office. Information will also be posted on the website

It has been our pleasure to treat you and your families for all these years. Thank you for being part of our family.

Dr Ed
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